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礼拝ステーションに関して(About Worship Stations)



​ Due to the state of emergency, the worship station will not be available till 5/11. 




5/9 日曜礼拝登録:

また、今後、家やコミュニティールームで礼拝ステーションをホストしてみたいという方がいらっしゃいましたら、ぜひ までご連絡ください。


For Sunday worship, in addition to Zoom service as usual, five worship stations are set for small groups to attend the service. If anyone wants to gather at the station, please contact one of the names below by Friday.
However, because the number of people who can fit in a place is limited, it's on a first-come, first-served basis by email. 
Also, if you would like to gather for worship in person spontaneously, please avoid the "3 Cs" and prevent infection. And in that case, only the representative needs to register and write all the participants' names. 

5/9 Sunday Worship Registration:

If anybody is willing to host Zoom worship station at your house or the public space in your apartment building,

please contact us at

① 広尾キャンベル家(6人まで)Hiroo @Campbell (Up to 6 people) (David and Brenna Campbell)

② 月島アイマークタワー集会室(10人まで) Tsukishima I-MARK TOWER Meeting Room (Up to 10 people)
(青柳直子 Naoko Aoyagi)

③ 豊洲 カフェ&バー ブリーズ(20人まで)Toyosu  Cafe&Bar LOUNGE Breathe (Up to 20 people)
(青柳直子 Naoko Aoyagi)

④ 千葉の植木家(6人まで)Chiba @Ueki (Up to 6 people)
 :植木象平 Shohei Ueki) 

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