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献金 | GIVE

There is a transparent iframe here we use to tunnel data to Stripe  →
(and we can't color it and then hide it because some browsers don't load display:none iframes)

オンライン献金 | Giving online


I will cover the processing fee.

​目的 | Purpose

お支払いへ | Payment →
処理中 | Processing


※能登半島地震指定献金に関してはグレースハーバーチャーチの被災地支援のため必要な費用全般に用いられます。The special offering for Noto Peninsula earthquake will be used for all the cost as Grace Harbor Church is going to support for locals.


 In case you would like to stop or change your recurring offering, please contact the email below. You'll receive instructions on how to proceed.


銀行振込 | Bank Transfer

三菱UFJ銀行|Mitsubishi UFJ
普通 0083900


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