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献金 | GIVE

There is a transparent iframe here we use to tunnel data to Stripe  →
(and we can't color it and then hide it because some browsers don't load display:none iframes)

オンライン献金 | Giving online


I will cover the processing fee.

​目的 | Purpose

お支払いへ | Payment →
処理中 | Processing



 In case you would like to stop or change your recurring offering, please contact the email below. You'll receive instructions on how to proceed.


銀行振込 | Bank Transfer

三菱UFJ銀行|Mitsubishi UFJ
普通 0083900


※ ウクライナの支援のために献金していただける方は、右上の「目的」ボックスからウクライナへの献金をお選びください。

If you are donating for Ukraine, please select under "poupose" tabe above "Suppot for Ukraine Crisis."

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