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RSVP please to attend the BBQ.


Grace Harbor BBQ




We see many new faces in GHC. How about having fun with friends at GHC doing BBQ together after Sunday service? You are welcome to bring your friends. This will be a great time to get to know each other and meet new friends. Looking forward to seeing you there. 


5月19日㊐ 12:00-15:00






料金:大人 3000円/中高大生 2000円/小学生以下 無料



申し込み締切:5月6日㊊ 左のリンクからお申し込みください。
  (Wild Magic にこの日までに参加人数分のお金を振り込みます。)


※ 雨天の場合でも多少の雨なら決行予定


Place : WILD MAGIC in Toyosu 

           6-1-23 Toyosu, Koto-ku,Tokyo


Charge : Adults -3000yen

College ,High school, and Junior high students -2000yen

Elementary school and younger-No charge

   *This charge includes the fee for food and drinks.

     *Yet bringing foods and drinks are also welcom.

Registration Deadline: May 6th (Mon)   Register from the left.
    (Because we need to pay money to the BBQ park by this day.) 

*The registration will be closed as soon as the number of participants reaches the limit.

*Rain or shine.


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