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Daily Online Community

ZOOMで深めるみ言葉と交わりの輪|Word and Fellowship on Zoom



As we stay home, let's use this opportunity to stay fed by the scripture, and stay connected to each other using Zoom.

You do not need to pre-register.  We are looking forward to meeting you on Zoom! 

Zoomの交わりに参加するには? | How to attend the Zoom community?


If you are interested, please see the calender and check the details. Or please see the details below and click the link.

You don't need to pre-register.

今週の予定 | This week’s schedule        

1)ママ’s おしゃべりタイム|Mamas’  Chatting Time
  月曜日 Mon 14:00-16:00
  ママさんたちのおしゃべり 息抜きに Chatting or break time for mamas--
  出入り自由 Feel free to join and leave as needed
      @ GHC Meeting Room 1

月曜日のママ’s おしゃべりタイムは終了しました。
The Monday Mama’s Chatting Time has ended.

2)モーニングCBR|Morning CBR
 火曜日Tue   7:30am - 8:30am

This is to read the Bible, share, and pray together as the day starts.  English will be on Tue and Thurs. 
・ 日本語CBR   @ GHC Meeting Room 1 
・ English CBR  @ GHC Meeting Room 2 
3)Zoomランチルーム|Zoom Lunch Room
 火曜日Tue 12:15-13:15  
This is to have lunch fellowship while looking into God's word.  
@GHC Meeting Room 1 

4)イブニングCBR|Evening CBR
 水曜日 夜 Wed 20:00-21:0
This is to gather together at the end of the day, to read the Bible, share, and pray together. You have option to attend the English CBR or the Japanese CBR.  
・ 日本語CBR   @ GHC Meeting Room 1 
・ English CBR  @ GHC Meeting Room 2 

 金曜日 10:00-11:30
Japanese language only

@ GHC Meeting Room 1 

6)Zoom祈り会|Zoom Prayer Meeting
 木曜日 Thu 夜 night 19:30-21:00
Especially in this difficult time, let's raise our voices to our God with thanksgiving and supplication.   
@GHC Meeting Room 1 

7)グレースZoomキッズ|Grace Zoom Kids
 金曜日 Fri 15:30-16:15
Memory verse time
Let’s move around with worship songs

@GHC Meeting Room 1 
The Friday Grace Zoom Kids program has ended.

8)福音の語り方 | Gospel Fluency  
5月8日㊎よりスタート 金曜日 19:00-20:30
Japanese language only 
全6回 バイブルスタディ 

Gospel Fluency (Japanese ver.) has ended.
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