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GHC Retreat 2021


It was a hard decision but we are going to cancel the retreat for this year.


福音に憩う歩み|Gospel Rest




The church theme of this year is “Gospel-Rest”. There might be some of you who are tired of this COVID situation... Therefore, this is exactly why saturating our hearts with the gospel and finding encouragement in gospel fellowship is essential. Just like we soak in a hot spring at Minakami, we should soak into the God's word and rest in them. However, Jesus also said, “Take my yoke upon you” (Mt. 11:30) and walk with me. As we rest in the gospel, walking in the gospel begins. Let's soak into the God's creation and His word, so that we can walk in Jesus once again.

Because of the COVID situation, the final decision whether or not we carry out this retreat will be taken place in the beginning of September.  Please understand that there is a possibility of cancellation. Also, please know that the contents and  schedule might be changed from the usual retreat in order to avoid infection. And we'd like to respond flexibly to any cancellation after registration, so please feel free to consult with us too. 





  小学生      :¥14,000(1泊のみ¥9,000)

  4歳以上     :¥12,000(1泊のみ¥8,000)

  4歳未満     :¥ 2,000(1泊のみ¥1,000)













【Date】September 18(Sat.) - 20(Mon.)

【Place】Nihon Bible Home (6289-14, Fujiwara, Minakami, Gunma)


 Adult (Junior high - ):¥18,000 (¥11,000 for partial attendance)

   Elementary              :¥14,000 (¥9,000 for partial attendance)

   4 years old-             :¥12,000 (¥8,000 for partial attendance)

   Under 4 years old     :¥2,000 (¥1,000 for partial attendance)

【Registration】 From the registration form  (Deadline: 9/3) 

【Transportation】You will have 4 options.  Choose one and let us know through the registration form.


①Car Share with Rental car: You can go to Bible Home from Toyosu together by rental car.  

                                          Cost will be around ¥8,000 - ¥10,000.  

②Your own car

③Share a car with friends

④Others / Public transportation, Bicycle, e.t.c.


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