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12/19 クリスマス礼拝

          Christmas services


In order to have many people celebrate together the joy of Christmas, we are providing two worship services on 12/19.


①9:00-10:15   第1部礼拝 (First service)
*対面のみ (In-Person Only)
*ハーバーキッズなし (Without Harbor Kids)

②10:45-12:15 第2部礼拝 (Second service)

(Hybrid service with in-person and Zoom)
*ハーバーキッズあり! (With Harbor Kids Worship Service!)

場所Location: カフェBREATHE

                     東京都江東区豊洲 2-4-9


                  Cafe Breathe
                  2-4-9 Toyosu, Koto, Tokyo

                     Toyosu Lalaport 3F

申し込み Sign Up:

オンラインでの参加はこちら (Sign up for online attendance):

2021 クリスマスイベント
Christmas Services and Events


Please join us for our 2021 Christmas services and events! Here is the information about them. 

写真 2020-12-19 22 24 03.jpg
写真 2020-12-24 20 16 50.jpg
写真 2020-12-24 20 19 05 (1).jpg

12/24 クリスマスイブキャンドル礼拝

Christmas Eve Candle Service



Join us on Christmas Eve for a candlelight service in Tsukishima. Come and enjoy the candles, the heartful music, and a Christmas message.  

日時 Time:12/24 (金) 19:30~21:00

場所Location: 月島教育会館ホール
  月島区民センター内 4F 

  Tsukishima Social Education Hall
  Tsukishima City Hall 4F

      4-1-1 Tsukishima, Chuo, Tokyo

料金 Charge: 無料 No Charge


申し込み Sign up:


The hall can accommodate up to 240 people.  However, we are following measures to avoid infection and we are limiting the number of participants to 120 people. For those who will attend the service online, we will send you the link by the day before.

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