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GHC Retreat 2018


恵みによって変えられる|Grace Changes





  小学生      :¥11,000(1泊のみ¥6,000)

  4歳以上     :¥  9,000(1泊のみ¥5,000)

  4歳未満     :¥  2,000(1泊のみ¥1,000)










【Date】September 22 - 24

【Place】Nihon Bible Home 6289-14, Fujiwara, Minakami, Gunma)


 Adult (Junior high - ):¥15,000 (¥8,000 for partial attendance)

   Elementary              :¥11,000 (¥6,000 for partial attendance)

   4 years old-             :¥9,000 (¥5,000 for partial attendance)

   Under 4 years old     :¥2,000 (¥1,000 for partial attendance)


【Registration】 From the registration form  (Deadline: 9/3) 

【Tranceportation】You will have 3 options.  Choose one and let us know through the registration form.


①Car Share with Rental car:  You can go to Bible Home from Toyosu together by rental car.  Cost will be around ¥7,000 - ¥7,500.  Let us know by August 20th if you are interested.

②Train & Shuttle bus: Train & Shuttle bus: If you come to Minakami station by train, you can use the free shuttle bus to Bible Home.

③Others:  Others:  Choose this option if you will come to Bible Home by your own.

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